Link Roundup

We had hopes of a Friday open thread, but Joe and Daniel are still puzzling away over the broken comments system. Someday, perhaps! In the meantime, why not click around a while?

Surely someone, somewhere has been waiting for this moment all their life:

New York City’s mountains of trash bags could be stored in European-style shared containers instead of languishing on sidewalks — but officials said in a report released Wednesday that a new type of garbage truck must be created for the idea to work.

I have been lucky enough to see two kinds of garbage train on the subway in the last month, although I was only able to photograph one of them:

subway trash train haulin' trash

I wasn't able to get a picture of the VakTrak, as I was too overcome with wonder, but you can watch it here. Look at her go!

Will King Charles remain SOFT on ANGLICANISM? Just to be safe, let us kill and eat him.

"For nearly 40 years, learning this one weird line dance has been a fact of life for many Canadians": The strange and very Albertan history of the Cadillac Ranch.

Over the years, Clarke said he frequently saw Neely performing on the A train, but he appeared to be going through progressively harder times. “First he was performing with the costume, then the costume got tattered,” he said. “Then no costume. Then he couldn’t do the moves, the kicks. Then no performing at all.” A few years ago, Clarke brought Neely home with him and gave him some food and a few bags of clothes. “He put his soul into performing and after a few years on the street, he had no soul left,” Clarke says. “He was just begging for help.”

If you have $250-1000 to spare and want to spend it on dinner at Marguerite Duras' old apartment, has Light Industry got a deal for you.

Alternately, for $10, you can catch Lisa Cohen's "Provisional Account of Some Clothes on Film" on May 23rd. "Clothes as a joke, as performance, as daily life, as part of making art, as melodramatic swirl. Structure and stretchiness; inadvertent undressing; humiliation, pleasure, yearning; shoes dancing, satin flashing, more unaffected textures...A collision of moments, in color and black and white, from work directed by Oscar Micheaux, Chantal Akerman, Ken Jacobs, Howard Hawks, Robert Parrish, Barbara Loden, Bette Gordon, Michelle Memran, Luchino Visconti, more—and including designers Sandy Powell, Edith Head, Ruth E. Carter, Ossie Clark, many others."

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