Low-Key Anglo-Saxon Runic Ring Slogans

Low-Key Anglo-Saxon Runic Ring Slogans

Very much in keeping with our own slogan, "It's better than nothing":

Pictured: A different ring. Couldn't find a picture of the Wheatley ring that wasn't licensed by the British Museum and I'm not paying 15 bucks for a picture of a dang ring.

The Wheatley Hill Finger-ring, an 8th-century silver ring found in Durham County in 1993 "by vendor while digging the foundation trenches for his house."

Inscription type: inscription
Inscription position: back
Inscription language: Old English
Inscription script: Runic
Inscription transliteration: ring ic hatt.
Inscription translation: I am called ring.

[h]ring ic hatt[æ]

"I am called ring."

Let other ring-inscriptions promise to staunch blood, turn the wearer invisible or invincible, call down blessings and protection, ease childbirth, charm lovers, protect ships, win arguments, improve wit, bring forth beer, and other empty promises. This ring tells it like it is: I am called ring. What you see is what you get. Accept no substitutes.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]