Meet The Other CEO Who Drinks His Son's Blood But Has NO Interest In Living Longer

French blood guy
French blood guy
  • By now you're familiar with Bryan Johnson, the 46-year-old CEO and venture capitalist who receives blood transfusions from his own son as part of an extensive life-extending scheme he calls "Project Blueprint"
  • Meet 46-year-old CEO and venture capitalist Prent Outside
  • He also receives regular blood transfusions from his own son
  • But he has NO interest in living longer
  • Ideally, Prent says, he would like to die at 60 or 62, which is practically fifteen years shorter than the average national life expectancy per the CDC!
  • That seems fucked up!
  • These blood transfusions are happening REGULARLY by the way
  • Apparently it's safe and legal to donate blood every eight weeks and plasma every 28 days
  • but they are BLOWING past that schedule
  • It's just whenever he feels like it at this point
  • Sometimes to "get around the red tape" he just drinks it??
  • What's even weirder about that is Prent admits he does NOT like the taste
  • He experiences NO health benefits
  • this practice has been going on for the last six years
  • And no his son is NOT doing well either
  • "I made him. I have every right to some of his blood" is the closest thing Prent has ever given to an explanation
  • "There's a reason for this. Trust me"
  • He holds something like four press conferences a week about this as part of his national campaign to end blinking
  • "We just don't need to do that anymore but we have to stop all together at the same time or it won't work"
  • "All I want is to die at the age of 65 and in the meantime ingest regular doses of my son's blood"
  • Says he "does what he has to do" in order to counteract any incidental health benefits he may incur as a result of the transfusions
  • When pressed, Outside refused to elaborate further, saying only, "Whatever it takes. Whatever it takes. Blood makes blood, blood takes blood, man. I don't agree with trying to live longer but I appreciate what Bryan's trying to do. There's no limit to how much blood the human body can achieve"

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