Who Said That? This Week

Who Said That? This Week

  1. On February 1 2024, who said the following?
“What I have found the most disturbing of all are situations or experiences students describe where they have felt they could not speak in class because there are attacks on Israel or maybe Israelis"

Was it

a) The teacher in Georgia who threatened to behead his student after she asked why the Israeli flag was hanging in his classroom, to the local newspapers.

b) Harvard Interim President Alan Garber, to the Harvard Crimson.

c) Burgess Owens, on Fox News.

  1. On February 2, 2024, a drone specialist at the US Center for Naval Analyses said:
"Rather than investing in more expensive combat capabilities, this shows it is cheaper to buy a drone and hope it either hits something or your enemy expends resources shooting it down.”

To what entity's actions was he referring?

a) The United Kingdom

b) Iran

c) The Houthi Movement

d) Israel

  1. On February 2, 2024, who said the following, about what?
"First of all, that’s not the way that we’re going to do things here at New Mexico State University. [H]e’s a really, really, really good person and a really good kid." 

a) The press officer answering questions about a student whose famous father was recently arrested.

b) The basketball coach about a basketball player punching his opponent in the face on the court.

c) The coach of the Speech and Debate program about a student punching his opponent in the face during a debate.

  1. On February 1, 2024 speech, what did New York City mayor Eric Adams call "our moon landing"?

a) NYPD’s Knightscope K5 robot

b) Side-loading garbage truck

c) "Open gangway" bendy C train

d) Penning subway users in with the emergency door so they can't evade the fare OR emerge

  1. Fill in the blank, said on live national television on February 1, 2024.
"We have breaking news: ______ has now lost all eyesight"

a) Hoda Kotb, TV presenter

b) Felix Auger-Aliassime, tennis player

c) A parent to his advisers while feeding his child stew

No prize.