Biggest Debut Fiction Deals of 2034

Biggest Debut Fiction Deals of 2034
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels

These are being written now

  • A man's handsome only son sees a notification on his dad's phone at Thanksgiving, revealing that his father has been a member of r/regretfulparents on Reddit for years. After a romantic plotline with a genealogist he discovers that his father actually already had another child and that he was a member of the subreddit since he before handsome son was born. According to the emotional logic of 2034 this will morally exculpate the father for his comments about how nobody told him that having a baby would eradicate all the things from his life that he previously did to make it enjoyable. It will turn out to all have been the handsome son's mum's fault after all for lying about what year he was born in (botched BBL subplot) which commenters will piece together
  • First person murder confession narrative by former baby whose mother started posting her cute reactions on TikTok in infancy. The baby's cute spontaneous reactions became the family's primary source of income, and the novel mostly covers granular recollections of the process of becoming aware of, then simulating the emotional pageantry, making her kill
  • Depressed and sexy teen couple hacks into global nuclear powers' systems, still run by death's-door Gen Xers but when they get offered government jobs they cause nuclear war instead but the bomb sirens play DJ Screw's So Much Pain