Best Human Portraits in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Archives

Best Human Portraits in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Archives

"NRC Victor Stello (right) with staff in NRC trailer during the Three Mile Island Unit 2 crisis."

"Employing multi-disciplinary scientists, engineers and secretaries, Ernest Lawrence built a dedicated team of visionaries to accomplish his goals. Here the team poses atop the mammoth magnet for the 60-inch cyclotron. Courtesy of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. (August 1938)"

"Trained technician review data (Can not confirm if it was during TMI-2)"

"Photo of Roger Mattson and Harold Denton in the NRC trailer at the Three Mile Island site. (1979)"

"A photograph of outside the Middletown Borough Hall wher NRC held the Press Conference to discuss situtation at TMI-2 on March 31, 1979."

"As part of the NRC’s Take Your Child to Work Day activities, which included visits to the Operations Center and Technical Library, staff and their kids pick up some NRC “gear” at the Employee Welfare and Recreation Association store."

"NRC staff working at the TMI-2 site trailer."

"Photo in 1979, of a nuclear suiting up to during the TMI-2 incident cleanup operations."

"Members of the public tour the Atoms For Peace mobile exhibit. The program was launched under President Eisenhower to supply equipment and information to schools, hospitals and research institutions. Courtesy of the Department of Energy."

"President Jimmy Carter’s motorcade leaves Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Station after the accident on April 1, 1979. Courtesy of the National Archives at College Park."

"Chemist Lise Meitner with students (Sue Jones Swisher, Rosalie Hoyt and Danna Pearson McDonough) on the steps of the chemistry building at Bryn Mawr College. Courtesy of Bryn Mawr College. (April 1959)"

"Students participate in learning activities during the 2023 A Week at the NRC student summer program."

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