Redwall's Dissolution of the Monasteries

Redwall's Dissolution of the Monasteries
Romance of Alexander, the Hunter's Doom
The Hare's Bride

Ancient Era

  • Luke the Warrior born at Saint Ninian's Church
  • Ratramus' treatise on the mouse-Eucharist De corpore et sanguine Domini (On the Body and Blood of the Lord, Who is a Mouse by the way) is published, rejecting the "real presence" of the body and blood of Christ during Communion
  • Construction begins on Marshank
  • Origin of Trunn's horde
  • Ratramus' treatise condemned as heretical by the First Council of Micaea
  • Mass execution of the Gottesfreunde, a group of lay-stoats critical of the church hierarchy
  • King Mortspear consolidates power in the north

Tyrant Era

  • Loamhedge Abbey abandoned after outbreak of plague; surviving mice settle in Mossflower
  • Redwall Abbey built
  • First crusade against the Albigensians of Greystone Abbey
  • Pinemarten Luther publishes De votis monasticis (On the monastic vows) arguing that monastic life is incompatible with the true spirit of mouse-Christianity, encouraging religieuse to renounce their vows, abandon their offices, and marry
  • Sack of Kotir by woodlanders

Reformation Era

  • King Gustav Handfoot initiates the Northern Reduction, confiscating half of all monastic properties north of Vrosta Abbey and initiating the mass emigration of vole-nuns to Salamandastron
  • Haddon Fortclaw passes Act of Supremacy through Pawliament, acknowledging the Crown's supreme authority over all mice-, dormice-, hedgehog-, mole-, otter-, and hare-based churches, marking the beginning of the Mossflower Reformation
  • Execution of Martin the Warrior for refusing to acknowledge Act of Supremacy
  • Defeat of Swartt's horde
  • Excommunication of Haddon Fortclaw by Pope Moletimer Hemsbroke
  • Orthodoxy briefly restored during the six-year reign of Whippscatch Fortclaw; during this period Redwall is restored to the jurisdiction of the papacy
  • Bartholomew Best's Religious Settlement of P.A. 385 reintroduces Protestantism
  • Reforms of Redwall theology and liturgy enacted by Marchbishop Perifoot Shadwinkle

First Intermediate Period

  • Joseph the Bellmaker captured en route to Salamandastron
  • John Fox publishes Fox' Book of Martyrs
  • Urgan Nagru's horde lands in Southsward
  • Redwall Abbey suffers outbreak of dryditch fever and sees its ecclesiastical income rerouted to the King's court at Gillyhamlet
  • High Queen Rhulain slain by cats
  • Ruins of Loamhedge Abbey destroyed in an earthquake

High Period

  • Redwall Abbey declared an "alien priory" by Act of Pawliament and its lands confiscated, cellars emptied, and gardens despoiled
  • Saint Ninian's Church transferred to Lady Destril Beaufort and descendants
  • Hotroot soup banned

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