Medieval Scholastic Accolades, Ranked

de Zurbarán's Saint Bonaventure Praying

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de Zurbarán's Saint Bonaventure Praying

Sounds Pretty Good Until You See The Next Category

Doctor Acutus (The Acute Doctor)

Doctor Fundamentalis (The Fundamental Doctor)

Doctor Famosus (The Famous Doctor)

Doctor Profundus (The Profound Doctor)

Doctor Resolutus (The Resolute Doctor)

Doctor Venerandus (The Venerable Doctor)

Doctor Supersubtilis (The Super-Subtle Doctor)

Doctor Eximius (The Super Doctor)

Doctor Illuminatus (The Illuminated Doctor)

Doctor Eminens (The Eminent Doctor)

Retroactively Makes Everyone In The Previous Category Look Like Asses

Doctor Acutissimus (The Most Acute Doctor)

Doctor Fundatissimus (The Very Well-Founded Doctor)

Doctor Beatus et Fundatissimus (The Most Blessed, Most Foundational Doctor)

Doctor Famosissimus (The Most Famous Doctor)

Doctor Ordinatissimus (The Most Orderly Doctor)

Doctor Ornatissimus et Sufficiens (The Most Ornate and Sufficient Doctor)

Doctor Profundissimus (The Most Profound Doctor)

Doctor Resolutissimus (The Most Resolute Doctor)

Doctor Venerabilis et Christianissimus (The Venerable and Most Christian Doctor)

Doctor Subtilissimus (The Most Subtle Doctor)

Doctor Clarus ac Subtilis (The Famous and Subtle Doctor)

Doctor Excellentissimus (The Most Excellent)

Doctor Illuminatus et Sublimis (The Illuminated and Sublime Doctor)

Doctor Praestantissimus (The Most Eminent Doctor)

Possibly A Well-Heeled Dig?

Doctor Amoenus (The Pleasant Doctor)

Doctor Succinctus (The Succinct Doctor)

Doctor Facundus (The Able Doctor)

Doctor Difficilis (The Difficult Doctor)

Doctor Proficuus (The Profitable Doctor)

Doctor Imaginativus (The Imaginative Doctor)

Doctor Speculativus (The Speculative Doctor)

Venerabilis Inceptor (The Venerable Beginner)

Sounds Like A CBS Show I'd Watch At My Grandmother's

Doctor Bonus (The Good Doctor)

Doctor Christianus (The Christian Doctor)

Doctor Angelicus (The Angelic Doctor)

Doctor Clarus (The Bright Doctor)

Doctor Communis (The Common Doctor)

Sounds Like A Book Someone Goes On Joe Rogan To Promote

Doctor Universalis (The Universal Doctor)

Doctor Vitae Arbor (The Doctor of the Tree of Life)

Doctor Fertilis (The Fertile Doctor)

Doctor Singularis et Invincibilis (The Unique and Invincible Doctor)

Doctor Validus (The Strong Doctor)

Doctor Strenuus (The Vigorous Doctor)

Doctor Solidus Copiosus (The Doctor of Abundant Coins)

Doctor Evangelicus (The Evangelical Doctor)

Sounds Like A Show Netflix Would Aggressively Promote To Me But I'd Probably Never Watch

Magister Abstractionum (The Master of Abstractions)

Doctor Parisiensis (The Parisian Doctor)

Magister Sententiarum (The Master of Sentences)

Something That Clearly Stretches The Function Of The Free Online Latin-to-English Auto-Translate Function

Doctor Inclytus (The Doctor Inclination??)

Doctor Emporium Theologiae (The Doctor Emporium Theology??)

Doctor Fundatus (The Doctor Founded?)

Doctor Inclytus (The Doctor Inclination??)

Peripateticus Palatinus (The Peripatetic Imperial?)

Sarah Plain and Tall Category

Doctor Planus et Utilis (The Plain and Useful Doctor)

Doctor Planus et Perspicuus (The Plain and Clear Doctor)

Unquestionably A Dig

Doctor Illustris (The Famous Doctor)

Doctor Hyperbolicus (The Hyperbolic Doctor)

Doctor Reformator (The Reforming Doctor)

How You'd Describe A Fake Boyfriend To Impress Your Parents

Doctor Mirabilis (The Wonderful Doctor)

Doctor Gratiosus (The Gracious Doctor)

Doctor Devotus (The Devoted Doctor)

"You Remind Me Of Someone"

Doctor Scotellus (The Scottish Doctor, really "Doctor of the Duns Scotus tradition" but Scottish Doctor is funnier)

Doctor Averroista (The Averroist Doctor)

Doctor Scholasticus (The Scholastic Doctor)

Doctor Marianus (The Marian Doctor)

Ask A Five-Year-Old In 400 BCE What They Want To Be When They Grow Up

Philosophiae Parens (The Parent of Philosophy)

Doctor Inter Aristotelicos Aristotelicissimus (The Most Aristotelian Doctor Of The Aristotelians)

Ask A Five-Year-Old In 1950 CE What They Want To Be When They Grow Up

Doctor Invincibilis (The Invincible Doctor)

Doctor Irrefragabilis (The Unbreakable Doctor)

Doctor Magnus (The Great Doctor)

Title Of A Doctor Who Christmas Special

Arca Testamenti (The Ark of the Testament)

Doctor Collectivus (The Collective Doctor)

Columna Doctorum (The Column of Doctors)

Doctor Contradictionum (The Doctor of Contradictions)

Doctor Rarus (The Rare Doctor)

"A Comedian's Comedian"

Doctor Doctorum Scholasticus (The Doctor of Scholastic Doctors)

"Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"-Type Bestseller

Doctor Dulcifluus (The Doctor of the Sweet Stream)

Doctor Ecstaticus (The Ecstatic Doctor)

Doctor Floridus (The Blooming Doctor)

Doctor Illibatus (The Innocent Doctor)

Doctor Illustratus (The Enlightened Doctor)

Doctor Flos Mundi (The Flower of the World Doctor)

Couldn't Think Of A Funny Bit For These. Just Thought They Sounded Nice. It Would Be Nice To Be Called Any Of These Accolades

Doctor Authenticus (The Authentic Doctor)

Doctor Divinus Ecstaticus (The Doctor of Divine Ecstasy)

Doctor Ingeniosissimus (The Most Ingenious Doctor)

Doctor Mellifluus (The Sweet-Flowing Doctor)

Doctor Moralis (The Moral Doctor)

Doctor Notabilis (The Significant Doctor)

Doctor Pacificus (The Peaceful Doctor)

Doctor Praeclarus (The Excellent Doctor)

Doctor Refulgidus (The Shining Doctor)

Doctor Seraphicus (The Seraphic Doctor)

Doctor Solemnis (The Solemn Doctor)

Doctor Sublimis (The Sublime Doctor)

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