B-List Silent Movie Actor Nicknames

Francis X. Bushman

No "The Great Lover" John Gilberts or "It Girl" Clara Bows or "The Vamp" Theda Baras here. These are the B-list nicknames for stars no one's thought of in 100 years, and they're perfect.

"The Girl Who Is Too Beautiful," Barbara La Marr

Go home...you're too beautiful...

This one holds a special place in my heart, because La Marr was working as a script doctor at United Artists when allegedly Mary Pickford saw her, embraced her, and said, "My dear, you are too beautiful to be behind a camera. Your vibrant magnetism should be shared by film audiences," which is the kind of lie I would have wanted to tell about my summer vacation in between fifth and sixth grade, but wouldn't have dared to: "Yes, Jonathan Taylor Thomas saw me trying to fish and instantly exclaimed that I was a gift which must be shared with the world."

"The New Face of 1922," Eleanor Boardman

"The Male Vamp," Lew Cody

I see it!

"The Sweetest Girl in Pictures," Mary Brian


"America's Boyfriend," Buddy Rogers

This is a nickname! It doesn't get better than this!

"The Dare-Devil Girl of the Movies," Marie Walcamp

"The Aces of Action," Richard Arlen and Andy Devine

"The Handsomest Man in the World," Francis X. Bushman

Sure, why not

Whoever wrote his Wikipedia page has a real axe to grind, too: "Unlike Ramon Novarro, the star of the picture, Bushman knew how to drive a team of horses and a chariot without getting severely injured or killed in the process."

"Camera Face," Beverly Bayne

"Our Mary Pickford," Bessie Love

"Hoot Owl," Edmund Gibson

"Because he used to look for hoot owls in caves as a child in Nebraska."

"Best Dressed Man In America," Adolphe Menjou

"The Marrying Kind of Woman," Lois Wilson