Daniel M. Lavery's much-anticipated novel takes on new visual form

We don't want to embarrass him, but look at the beauty of the cover of Daniel M. Lavery's debut novel, WOMEN'S HOTEL. Usually I think it's odd when people put a book title in all caps, but in this case, it feels right.

Image via Harper Collins

I want to discover just what's happening in these charmingly Game Boy-scented windows. Stunning!

Observe the interest in Andersonian symmetry without the forced twee fur tartan sweaty gustatory texture on top. The sealant has expired on the facade. There's a love of form that's so Danny but also it's own little story: Human life as data in a grid of rectangles, a spreadsheet of unlit windows. Arthur C. Clarke even? The lights are going out one by one...

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The Beidermeier might be several rungs lower on the ladder than the real-life Barbizon, but its residents manage to occupy one another nonetheless. There’s Katherine, the first-floor manager, lightly cynical and more than lightly suggestible. There’s Lucianne, a workshy party girl caught between the love of comfort and an instinctive bridling at convention, Kitty the sponger, Ruth the failed hairdresser, and Pauline the typesetter. And there’s Stephen, the daytime elevator operator and part-time Cooper Union student.
The residents give up breakfast, juggle competing jobs at rival presses, abandon their children, get laid off from the telephone company, attempt to retrain as stenographers, all with the shared awareness that their days as an institution are numbered, and they’d better make the most of it while it lasts.


WOMEN'S HOTEL is only on sale October 15 you can call your local bookstore to preorder your copy or do the same immediately via Barnes & Noble.