Know Your Popes

Antipope John XXIII's tomb
Antipope John XXIII's tomb

Regular/Catholic – Head of Catholic Church, carrier of Keys of heaven, elected by papal conclave, resident at the Vatican.

Anti-pope – Rival claimant to Bishopric of Rome without legitimate election. Often centered at Avignon.

Amphi-pope – (See also aqua-pope,). Governs the Holy See Sea.

Bottom-pope – third-generation heavy pope, with a charge of -1/3 e

Charm-pope – second-generation elementary pope

Counter-pope – A theorized, unseen "counter-pope" which revolves around regular pope from the center of the cosmos every 24 hours.

Athwart-pope – Sometimes confused with counter-pope; located squarely across the papal path.

Demi-pope – Half-pope; combines most of the classic traits characteristic of both papal and human races. Not to be confused with semi-pope (only pope half of the time).

Deuter-pope – Backup pope

Down-pope – Second-lightest pope

Extro-pope – Public-facing pope

Hecto-pope – Colloquially known as "the Hundred-pope"

Hyper-pope – The pope, but very fast

Intra-pope – The pope's pope

Nano-pope – Small pope

Peri-pope – Papal sheath enclosing original pope

Quasi-pope – Anti-predator adaptation whereby a non-papal figure has evolved to resemble the pope as a beneficial inherited trait

Quadru-pope – Every fourth pope is thirty percent larger and covered in a crystalline exoskeleton

Strange-pope – Third lightest pope, also known as sideways pope

Sub-pope – Pope of mines, labyrinths, basements, cellars, caves, etc

Top-pope – Sometimes called truth-pope, largest of all observed popes

Under-pope – Pope of small things

Up-pope – Lightest of all popes

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