Weak Sirens

Bruckmann's Odysseus and the Sirens

Bruckmann's Odysseus and the Sirens
  • They sound pretty good, as long as a song is within a pretty specific two-octave range
  • You can definitely tell when they switch from chest voice to head voice, it's not a smooth transition
  • They live on an island meadow in the Tyrrhenian sea and the sound of their voices can lure a ship into veering as many as four nautical miles off-course
  • The sound of their voices can even lure a sailor into taking off his shoes
  • They are very nice-looking, with the upper bodies of human women and the lower bodies of human women also
  • Plus a few scales on their legs
  • They're nice scales, sort of silver-y and flash-y looking
  • One of them can play on the lyre a little but she has to stop and start over kind of a lot
  • Their "siren song" contains an appeal that anyone who stays to listen will learn one or two things they didn't know before
  • Once men hear their alluring song they often end up being several hours late
  • Some sailors have lived to tell the tale by not listening very carefully when they pass by the island of the Sirens
  • In their meadow there are several shoes left behind by sailors who were tempted into taking off their shoes and forgetting them when they went away again

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]