Would You Rather: Home

Would You Rather: Home
Old house in Vila Sônia district in the 1970s by Arauco via Wikimedia Commons.

A game.

  1. Would you rather

a) never go anywhere

b) never go home

  1. You are living in a studio with a kind of half-wall partition in it to divide the back kitchen from "other" front room. Do you put your bedroom in

a) the back, where the oven is, because otherwise you'll have to use one end to work in and the other one to sleep in, and that seems like the wrong division

b) in the front and accept dividing life into the main restorative practices

  1. Would you feel better once you got home if you had to drive a car ten miles (yourself) after work on a road where traffic is

a) very thick and you have to drive slowly and pay a lot of attention

b) substantial but going incredibly fast and you have to drive as fast as them for safety but it doesn't feel safe

  1. You are on your way home from a long week of shitty work. Would you rather visualize

a) a portcullis closing behind you, as you ride out over the moat and across the moors, away from whatever is now safely shut out of the castle and out towards adventure

b) returning from a long quest to the castle, the portcullis closing behind you as the monsters outside try and fail to get at you through the six feet thick walls of stone

  1. If you could move anywhere with anybody, would you rather

a) continue living with whoever you live with now

b) wish them luck and get new ones

c) deliciously alone forever

  1. At home, alone, is it the default human state to be

a) clothed

b) naked

  1. Would you rather personally exclusively experience

a) inequality in the home, from the people and chores there, but you don't have to go there

b) inequality outside of the home, from the people and chores there, but you don't have to go there