Would You Rather: Looking

Would You Rather: Looking
"Inspirated from a competion i edited my portrait" by Michelle Zell-Wiesmann via Flickr.

A game.

  1. If your government paid for part of a bomb that killed someone would you rather

a) watch it happen in a video on your phone but you can't choose when

b) read about it in a newspaper when you choose

c) see it happen presented by a newscaster who will warn you of its graphic content on the television news

d) see it happen yourself

e) hear about it directly from somebody who saw it happen

  1. You wear glasses and can't afford contacts. Would you rather

a) never wear contacts

b) buy the dailies only when you have the money and then only wear them on occasions when you want to look nice or different somehow, meaning you budget them ad hoc like Elaine with the sponges

c) what is one more box to the debt you already have

  1. You're walking down the street on your usual commute to wherever you most frequently commute. It's the morning and it's busier than usual. Would you rather

a) wear headphones/hat and charge through with your eyes down

b) look in front of you and keep your gaze available for catching by passing colleagues and friends and acquaintances

c) act as if b) but actually exert more control by remaining alert and then taking your phone out of your pocket if you see anybody who looks familiar as if to check some kind of important notification

  1. You've died. Provided you look good would you rather

a) open casket

b) closed casket

c) cremated offstage

  1. You've been born. Would you rather

a) be the wealthy, well-educated, and well-adjusted child of a kind influencer and therefore immediately possess a second, expensive visual self over which you have no control

b) have rural extremist parents (any income bracket) who don't let you access any kind of visual culture including TV and cellphones until you leave the family home