Yeah I’ve Been Feeling Pretty Good Lately Except For

yeah okay
yeah okay

Oh, hey man – how's it going? – Yeah, I'm doing okay – I don't know –

I don't really feel like I have an optometrist anymore – yeah and lately I've been really craving ice – like a lot of ice –

you know how they say you can tell you're in a dream by counting the number of fingers on people's hands, or the lines on an analog clock? – And if it's a dream you'll know because there's not the right number, or they're not in the right place? – that doesn't even work when I'm awake –

I haven't been able to catch a sunset in a while – I don't think I really know how to unlock the extraordinary anymore – and lately I've been finding fingernails in really weird places – but yeah I'm pretty good – my breath has been really persistent – handwriting sometimes feel really urgent but nothing other than that –

I don't think I could survive drowning, really – I'm having trouble hearing bassoons, even when I really concentrate – I think I might have hit an albatross with my car last night – and lately I've been changing allegiance a lot – I just keep changing allegiances –

Lately whenever I go to the circus it's all accidents –

I've been passing like night lately from land to land – I don't really feel like I'm hanging on to any of the old ways of summer fun in the mountains either – I get the feeling that my new lineups aren't turning heads anymore – I'm not as well known at seafood restaurants as I used to be – I guess I've mostly stopped perceiving things as a chain of events –

I don't know – feels like seeing a spectacle doesn't really awe me anymore or even elicit contempt – I've stopped lighting up even when I rotate – but otherwise I'm good, pretty good.

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