Binomial Names for Humanity, Ranked


Something I find really charming is that fairly frequently, people will try to replace the taxonomic name for human beings in honor of whatever subject they're currently researching. So somebody writing a book about, say, childhood games, will argue something like "The act of playing is so intrinsically and uniquely human that we could more accurately be called Homo ludens than Homo Sapiens." And obviously this never catches on, partly because you could always say that about a million different things. But it never stops people from trying!

You might say that Homo Sapiens could be replaced by Homo taxonomator...Man who taxonomizes...


Homo absconditus, "the inscrutable"

Homo amans, "the loving"

Homo adaptabilis, "the adaptable"

Homo loquens, "the talkative"

Homo interrogans, "the questioning"

Homo donans et recipiens, "the giving and receiving"

Homo reciprocans, basically the same thing as homo donans et recipiens

Homo excentricus, "the externally-centered"

Homo generosus, "the generous"

Homo educandus, "the educated"

Homo viator, "the pilgrim"

Homo ridens, "the laughing"


Homo loquax, "the chattering"

Homo mendax, "the lying"

Homo ferox, "the ferocious"

Homo inermis, "the helpless"

Homo avarus, "the greedy"

Homo contaminatus, "the contaminated"

Homo degeneratus, "the degenerative"

Homo demens, "the mad"

Homo hypocritus, "the hypocritical"


Homo combinans, "the combiner"

Homo communicans, "the communicator"

Homo geographicus, "the man-in-place"

Homo humanus, "the human human"

Sounds hot

Homo aestheticus, "the aesthetic"

Homo sacer, "the sacred/accursed"


Homo absurdus, "the absurd"

Homo ludens, "the playing"

Homo sociologicus, "the sociological"

Speak for yourself pal

Homo laborans, "the working"

Homo imitans, "the imitating"

Homo inermis, "the helpless"

Homo laborans, "the working"

Homo ignorans, "the ignorant"

Homo interreticulatus, "buried-within-the-rectangle" (it's a phones joke)

Hubris!! Be careful

Homo deus, "human god"

Homo superior, "the superior"

I'll be honest I don't get it

Homo sciens, but how is that not effectively the same as Homo Sapiens

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