Blind Item Obits

Blind Item Obits
Image via DFID.

The house obituarist has the week off.

Sceaux Sad

Which ancien seamster and father of Miss Dior has given up the scissor at home, aged 97?

Poisoned Chalice

The Stopgap hears that the gentle pediatrician who may or may not have invented the "sickly green...upset face" sticker that warns children of poisonous substances in 1971 is no more.

Ian From Brazil

One of the 1990s' most iconic supersheep met him at the gates.

By hook or by...

This cute blonde marched into Beijing in 1949 and off this mortal coil on August 25, but she never gave up on the Chinese government

Side Man Sad

Surely this legend of the largest string instrument was Sarah Vaughan and Bruce Springsteen's only mutual? RIP :(

Bad News at Six

most handsome man at the world service / nobody has a bad word to say / goodnight sweet G****e