Subjects I'm Surprised We Never Got Chick Tracts About


(You know Chick Tracts!)

  • Lucky Charms (belief in "luck" contravenes God's plan, "golden moons" a clear reference to the moon god of the Sabians, the leprechaun seems gay or something)
  • Zoom meetings (portals into Hell, maybe the mark of the Beast, I'm not sure)
  • Athleisurewear (trying to get everyone one step closer to wearing androgynous jumpsuits)
  • Legend of Zelda franchise (Link and Zelda look too much alike, Japan)
  • "Is it cake" trends (deceptive, transgender)
  • Beyond burgers/Impossible burgers (deceptive, transgender, New World Order)
  • McDonald's starting to serve breakfast late a few years back (possibly global conspiracy to reset clocks for some reason)
  • Ratatouille (NO rats can control ANY human, contravenes God's plan)

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