Hairdressers, Ranked

Men's wigs
Men's wigs


Madame Martin, 17C: "She arranged women's hair upward instead of on the sides, signifying a new style."

Léonard, 18C: "Léonard could not help feeling a bit jealous [of Rose Bertin], and before long he invented the pouf."

Franz Ströher, 19C: "Invented the Tullemoid Waterproof, a technique that allowed the scalp to breathe."

Mr. Kenneth, 20C: "Lucille Ball...called Kenneth 'God.'"

Teasy Weasy Raymond , 20C: "In 1957 Bessone launched the Shangri-La style, based on "the four principles of colour, line, youth and softness" and inspired by his view of Swiss mountain peaks after being knocked out in a skiing accident."

Marcel Grateau, 20C: Invented the Marcel


Alexandre de Paris, 20C: "He was nicknamed the 'Prince de la coiffure,' 'd'Artagnan de la coiffure,' 'Sphinx de la coiffure.'"

Antoine de Paris, 20C: "In 1904, he created a stylish coiffure for Lily de Moure when she lost her fashionable hat."


Monsieur Champagne: "Already in Paris he exercises/His talent, science and commerce/Although he is dry, thin and small/He is welcome everywhere,/And lots of beautiful fairies/Have already been styled."

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