How to Safely Install Your Window A/C Unit

Woman installing air conditioner like a chump
Woman installing air conditioner like a chump

Just leave it in the window all year round. It's fine where it is! One and done, baby! No more learning how to install it safely or hiring a professional or whatever. Just leave it in the window where it belongs! Follow these four easy steps and you'll be cooling off in no time:

  1. Leave it where it is
  2. You installed it a few years ago
  3. Don't worry about mounting a support bracket or accordion panels
  4. It's already there: you're done!

Q: Is this safe?

A: I think so. No one ever told me it wasn't safe to do or anything. I think it's fine. I think someone would have yelled at me about it by now if it were the wrong thing to do.

Q: Do I need any special tools for this?

A: Maybe you did a few years ago. But who cares! It's in the past!

Q: Is there a certain type of window this works best on?

A: Probably!

Q: Doesn't this get drafty in winter?

A: Yeah, a little. But what else am I going to do? Bring it inside? It's huge! It's been outside all summer! I'm not putting that in my house. And then bring it back out from wherever it's been and go through all that trouble again, right when it's starting to get hot out and I need to lie down the most? Just leave it where it is. It's fine.

In conclusion: just leave it up there until you need it again! It's right where it's supposed to be, baby! "Install it once, nice summer months," as the old saying goes, or ought to anyhow.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]