Obituary Special: Henry Kissinger

Obituary Special: Henry Kissinger

by Sahar Tavakoli

Under historic common law, the longest permissible span for the leasing of real property is 99 years. Most often invoked in the concession of territory,* the 99-year Lease has been solicited in such inexplicabilities as British Hong Kong, US control of the Panama Canal and its surrounding regions, and the leasehold status of all lands within the Australian Capital Territory. Being both a liar and father of lies, the devil managed to swindle one extra solar rotation out of his lease on Earth.

Book 52, Hadith 59, recitation of the Prophet (PBUH) to Jabir ibn Abd Allah, on how the devil picks his favourites. From

Henry Kissinger, warmonger, self-proclaimed Nazi sympathizer,** Theranos investor, and 1973 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize has died, finally, on November 29, 2023, at the age of 100. Gone to reunite with his dark creator, Iblis, whose reign over hell might soon be toppled in favour of some puppet sheytan sympathetic to Kissinger’s interests in the nether region.

Kissinger is survived and never forgotten by the children of Cambodia, Vietnam, East Timor, Angola, Chile, Bangladesh, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Argentina, Cuba, Yemen, Guatemala, Iraq, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Laos, Kurdistan, and El Salvador, and all who have been touched by the gangrenous hand of Kissinger’s most successful policy: perpetual war.

*Imperialism’s diffusion line


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