Thank You For Taking Our Brief Survey On the World of Forms


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Thank you for rating and reviewing the world of forms! Leaving meaningful feedback can help other users find the most suitable theories of metaphysics for them.

How often would you say you experience the world of Forms in a given week?

A. 0-2 times a week. I most often experience the world of Forms indirectly, through the imperfect copies in the world of Matter.

B. 3-4 times a week. I sometimes experience the world of Forms indirectly, through the imperfect copies of Matter, but also sometimes directly, through the common properties of objects.

C. 5 or more times a week, usually through direct contemplation of the Good.

D. I am in constant, conscious contact with the world of Forms, and do not experience the problem of universals.

Do you agree with the following statement: "That which keeps its own form unchangingly, which has not been brought into being and is not destroyed, which neither receives into itself anything else from anywhere else, nor itself enters into anything anywhere, is one thing."

A. Mostly agree

B. Somewhat agree

C. Somewhat disagree

D. O Solon, Solon...You Hellenes are but children, for you do not keep imperishable records.

On balance, do you prefer to experience mostly substances, mostly essences, or neither?

A. I prefer to experience primary substances

B. I prefer to experience secondary substances

C. I prefer accidents whereby a tomato becomes red, or a young horse grows.

D. I prefer whatever survives the accident.

How would you describe your reaction if a person were to show you that the absolute one was many, or the absolute many one?

A. I would be truly amazed.

B. I would not be very astonished.

C. I would not believe it until I could prove it myself.

D. I would easily grasp the Forms with my mind.

Describe your feelings about triangles.

A. They are perfect.

B. They are drawn on a blackboard.

C. I am always many steps removed from a triangle. It is not possible for me to experience a triangle.

D. I would like to have an effect on the triangle.

If someone provided you with a ticket to visit the "place beyond heaven" where the world of Forms could be experienced directly, where would you expect to go?

A. A realm placed a little higher than the gods – the topos hyperuranios.

B. A very special forest

C. A well-ordered city

D. I would not expect to go anyplace which existed in space and time, but "itself"

In future, would you like the world of matter to more closely resemble the world of Forms, or less?

A. Less closely, so I might study the contrast between them

B. More closely, so that the one might better represent the other

C. It does not matter to me, due to the flaws in my perception

D. It does not matter to me, because I have already visited the world of Forms as a pure spirit prior to my embodiment, and have confidence I will reach the world of Forms again

Have you ever seen a perfect circle? If so, please describe it.

A. Yes. It looked really good

B. Yes, but I'm not very good at describing what it looked like. It sort of looked like this: O

C. Yes, but it was so perfect that it was a set of infinitely small points and therefore completely unrecognizable to the human eye; I saw it, but I could not perceive it

D. Yes, but you wouldn't understand it even if I drew it for you, Glaucon.

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