Thank You For Taking Our Brief Survey About Gnosticism

The Flammarion engraving

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The Flammarion engraving

How would you describe your feelings towards material reality:

A. I use it often, and would like to see more of it in future.

B. I do not like it. It reminds me of a malevolent lesser divinity. I prefer the esoteric insight that is intermittently revealed by the hidden supreme divinity.

C. I enjoy it sometimes, but find it generally riddled with illusion, and would need to see it purified before I considered enjoying it again.

D. I neither like nor dislike it. It is what it is.

[If A or C] How would you describe your feelings towards your own particular material embodiment:

A. It belongs to the world of the seven archons, the lowest emanations of the Godhead, and prevents my spirit from transcending the material plane. I do not like it, and it is my enemy.

B. Neutral to positive, although I would also enjoy being some sort of spiritual vapor or incense.

C. It is useful for getting around in the short term and cumbersome when it comes to final judgment and ascension, so mixed.

D. I like it. I believe it emanates from truth and cosmic order, and is just as good as that which emanates from the realm of the spirit.

[If B or D] What state of existence would you prefer as an alternative to embodiment:

A. A concept or principle

B. Sleep or something that is sleeping

C. All parts of the world-soul are equal in my eyes

D. A healing plant or minor guardian deity

What do you think of the cosmic battle between good and evil:

A. I think it should never end.

B. I think it should keep going indefinitely, but with the possibility of someday ending if the balance is ever tilted too far in one direction or another, with opportunities to reassess every few years.

C. I think it should end with the final victory of good.

D. I think it should eventually end, but be replaced by a new battle between two other equal and opposing forces, like light and darkness, or loud and quiet.

In which way do you prefer to receive hidden wisdom from the mystical, hidden, original God:

A. I prefer to receive hidden wisdom through personal insight or revelation, in the privacy of my own home.

B. I prefer to receive hidden wisdom through written scriptures, books, leaflets, or inscriptions.

C. I prefer to receive hidden wisdom through special gems, eternal flames, special lakes and rivers, or cave ceremonies presided over by ancient mystery cults.

D. I would prefer to be born already possessing perfect knowledge, or to have it impressed upon me in a single flash of light immediately after my death, so long as it happens all at once.

Do you think it would improve the material realm if the mystical, hidden God were to become (temporarily) incarnate and mortal, either in part or with the entirety of Godhead:

A. I think it would be a good idea. I think seeing the Godhead, either in whole or in part, become incarnate would make it easier for me to navigate my own embodiment.

B. I would not like it. I would rather the Godhead stay mystical and hidden, rather than unnecessarily complicated or even compromised by the problems of flesh.

C. I would be open to discussing this as a possibility, but I have serious concerns that would need to be addressed first.

D. I would be open to the possibility of creating the illusion of a physical embodiment of Deity, but it would need to be a false construct that perverted the true higher teachings.

What would you like to see happen to your body after the final resurrection and judgment of all living creatures:

A. I would like to be reunited with it, and I would like it to become immortal and indestructible.

B. I would like to see it destroyed, preferably burned or eaten by a god with the head of a vulture.

C. I would like to see it transformed into spirit through divine intervention or magic.

D. I would like to see it recycled so someone else (like a snail or a Theban) can use it.

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