Things Jo Has Said To Me In Response To My Posts About the Middle Ages

Barbarossa baby!

Whenever I text Jo that I'm writing something about the Middle Ages I get a lot of really wonderful responses, because Jo is an award-winning critic with an advanced degree in postcolonial and medieval studies, who thinks very carefully about the past and has exquisitely nice taste, and I am not as far from  the "science is epic" and "heckin' doggo" era of blogging as I might like to think.  

Barbarossa baby!

"Okay, I accept that I am entertained by the Green Man piece. I simply feel like the sun is staring into me."

"I absolutely do not dislike it and find it to represent the truth through negative means. I cannot tell a lie!"

"I'm going to have a heart attack."

"Narcissism isn't a crime"

"What's the safe word for I Take This Subject Too Seriously"

"I can't handle this. It's outside of my window of tolerance."

"Rapscallion heuristic."

"To receive satirisation...I feel like Boccaccio."

"Could you link to my clarification at least."

"That's what they said about the printing press."

"We have a great annotated bibliography on whales almost ready to blow."

Honorable mention goes to this in-depth answer to my question about white feathers. This is partnership:

"Did you know how the WWI phenomenon of women handing out white feathers to non-uniformed men originated? Like did women do that for earlier wars? Or was it just this one?"

"Great news it's from cockfighting

The white feather as a cowardice symbol is a few hundred years old and it comes from a white feather showing that a fighting cock was somehow not a real cock maybe? It's in Francis Gross' vulgar dictionary of the 18th century. Also in medieval times they did it with wool – like men who didn't sign up for the crusades would be spent spinning equipment as an insult."

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]