Two Monks Invent Anatomy

13C anatomy sketch

MONK #1: how's this one

MONK #2: oh that's a LOT better

MONK #1: is it? i'm so glad

MONK #2: the important thing to remember is never to overcrowd it

MONK #1: yeah I think that's where I went wrong with the first one, trying to do too much all at once

MONK #2: exactly. don't overthink it. liver, kidney, swirl, and then it's just veins and face before you're home free.

MONK #1: i guess that's why they call anatomy the swiftest science

MONK #2: in and out by lunchtime

13C anatomy sketch

MONK #1: oh and the human neck is...?

MONK #2: exactly as wide as the human waist, yeah. you nailed it :)

MONK #1: amazing! i wasn't sure

MONK #2: trust your instincts!!! you know more than you think you do! science is 90% intuition and 10% heart

MONK #1: but there is not always a neck, i think i am right in remembering?

MONK #2: ?

MONK #1:the neck is optional? thusly?

MONK #2: oh yes i see

Baker, Maastricht Book of Hours

MONK #2: oh yes for a baker its fine

you could take it even further if you wanted to

Baker, Ghent psalter

MONK #2: like there's a gesture of a neck in the back but as you can see it's purely ornamental, in the front we just go straight into the arms. you can even skip the chest if you really want to for a baker

MONK #1: ok i kept it even simpler this time, just the swirl and the veins

MONK #2: that's really all that the human body is when you get down to it

Execution of Hugh the Younger Despenser, Froissart

MONK #1: but i did add a heart because ive been practicing heart shapes lately

MONK #2: it really shows

MONK #1: if you didn't know who this was supposed to be, what would you call the red marks in this picture?

Murder of Thomas Beckett, Carrow Psalter

MONK #2: blood or fire

both of which look exactly the same to me

MONK #1: oh GOOD

MONK #2: so from context clues i can tell it's blood because swords very rarely cause fire to pour out of people's skin

MONK #1: i was worried that maybe blood and fire were supposed to look different and i had missed something

MONK #2: no you're good

MONK #1: now obviously i have not been present at any childbirths besides my own

MONK #2: :)

MONK #1: but it seems to me the average output, give or take, is somewhere in the neighborhood of seven?

or is that cats?

MONK #2: it's definitely cats but I don't think it's JUST cats

Talbot Shrewsbury Book, Birth of the Knight of the Swan

MONK #1: I am 90% confident this is what kissing looks like

ive been reading about it a LOT and this pretty much incorporates all of the necessary elements

MONK #2: do you want me to take a look

MONK #1: would you? i've been putting it off but there's only so long you can justifiably tinker with something and i'd rather know now if i need to start over

MONK #2: better make it 100%

Lovers, Codex Manesse

MONK #1: !!!

MONK #2: :) :) :)

MONK #1: do these murder victims look peaceful enough to you? i always have a hard time getting the serene countenance of someone who has just been murdered right

MONK #2: its a tricky balance for sure

Gesta Romanorum

MONK #2: this looks pretty good

i like how they're all lined up

and the gentle, smiling curve of the heads seems right to me

you have another one?

Gesta Romanorum

MONK #2: theres a LOT to like here

you're absolutely on the right track

and i really like how you made the murderer look sleepy and happy too

MONK #1: this kind of feels like the start of a compliment sandwich lol

MONK #2: you are getting ahead of yourself!!!

MONK #1: ahahha sorry sorry

MONK #2: i mean i think you showed it to me because on some level you also think you can take this a little further

MONK #1: ya

MONK #2: but that doesnt mean it's bad as it is now or that you need to feel self conscious about not perfectly depicting murdered peacefulness on your first two tries

MONK #1: but you think they could look more peaceful

MONK #2: i think you can draw someone more peacefully murdered than this yes

which is not a criticism!!

listen if there werent any areas we could improve as artists it would mean we were perfect

and perfection isnt the goal

youre still an incredible artist with great instincts

MONK #1: ahh tyty

MONK #2: now stop fishing for compliments and draw someone who looks like theyve been murdered RIGHT

MONK #1: <3 <3 <3

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