Two Monks Invent Boats

Two Monks Invent Boats
image via the British Library.

Previously: "don't overthink it. liver, kidney, swirl, and then it's just veins and face before you're home free." Two Monks Invent Anatomy.

MONK #1: oh SHOOT I forgot to look this up before I started doing the outlines

by any chance would Britain happen to be pretty much the same size as like a single boat of Jutes

with no more than one building on it

because otherwise I am going to have to start all over

and then we are so hosed

MONK #2: boy are you in luck

MONK #1: oh thank God

youre not just putting me on or anything?

youre serious?

MONK #2: hand to God

honestly most countries are about the same size of a boat just for future reference

12th-century miniature of Saxons, Jutes, and Angles arriving in Britain

MONK #1: oh thats great i didn't know that

MONK #2: yeah lot of people dont know that 

MONK #1: oh man

MONK #2: whats going on

MONK #1: oh man

MONK #2: whats up?

MONK #1: no im sorry

i was JUST bugging you about the size of britain

i want to be able to figure this one out by myself

MONK #2: did i ever say you needed to stop asking me questions?

MONK #1: no but like

MONK #2: im here to answer questions! thats what im here for

MONK #1: haha okay okay i get it

MONK #2: :)

MONK #1: okay but so if britain is the size of your average boat

then your average boat probably shouldnt also be the size of a whale


like they cant ALL be the same size

MONK #2: :) :) :)

MONK #1: youre kidding me

MONK #2: i am not kidding you

you just need to start believing in yourself more when it comes to guessing the size of things

Fisherman On A Whale

MONK #1: do you think it works having the horse in the boat like this? because theres really not enough room for the horse to have a back half of its body

and i feel like horses usually do have both a front half and a back half to their body

MONK #2: i just dont want you to feel like you have to like

live up to a really serious stringent series of rules about boat representation

MONK #1: no i know

MONK #2: like at the end of the day its just a drawing of a boat

people will still get the idea

MONK #1: gosh i hope so

MONK #2: i know so :)

as long as theres a swan or a small bird in front of it i should say!!! hahaha

MONK #1: oh my gosh of course


MONK #2: hahaha

MONK #1: i definitely would not forget the bird in front

Knight of the Swan

MONK #1: oh i knew i was gonna forget something today!!!

MONK #2: whats up

looks great to me

MONK #1: i forget to put in a shoreline!!!

MONK #2: what do you mean

MONK #1: the ocean just ends in this picture and then everyone is just standing on the frame or in empty space!! i didnt remember to draw land where the ocean stops and now it's too late

MONK #2: i mean this looks pretty good to me

are you sure there's always a shoreline? like 100% of the time when the ocean stops theres ALWAYS a shoreline?

MONK #1: i mean i thought i was sure

MONK #2: 100% of the time, no exceptions, everywhere? even though nothing outside of Heaven is 100% of everything because only God is perfect?

MONK #1: i guess not 100%

MONK #2: i mean it's clearly a shoreline

there's the shore

and theres a line


looks great, lets do the next page

MONK #1: i guess youre right

MONK #2: darn right im right

Becket Sailing for England

MONK #1: and fish are always in the water part of the sea? or sometimes in the other parts

MONK #2: what other parts

MONK #1: i dont know

sky parts

top of ship parts

MONK #2: i cant see any reason why a fish couldn't go there

i mean people are almost always on the land part of the world

but sometimes we go onto the sea in boats

so makes sense that a fish would go to the sky every once in a while too

MONK #1: oh that does make sense

Sawfish and Ship

MONK #1: okay i remembered to put in a shoreline this time

MONK #2: amazing!!!!

MONK #1: do you think it looks weird though

like would you look at those two textures and think "land and sea"

MONK #2: no for sure theres like

a "bulgy" quality to the sea i think youve definitely captured here

MONK #1: because sometimes it DOES bulge!!

MONK #2: yeah ive definitely heard sometimes it does bulge like that

and then the land is swirls for a while too

Simon Peter fishing on Galilee

MONK #1: ok how do you like this for the frontispiece

MONK #2: i mean theres SO much to like about this tbh

MONK #1: !!!

MONK #2: i especially like the way you captured how everyone in a boat is always sitting and facing the same direction

thats always happening in boats

A Whale, the Harley Bestiary

MONK #1: ok tell me what you think when you get a chance

MONK #2: oh my goodness

i am loving this!!!!

there is so much going on all over this page!!!!

MONK #1: you think its good??

MONK #2: i think its almost too good!!!

im practically committing the sin of envy looking at this

and oh my gosh whats that little red guy up to??

look at that fancy little fellow

what is he about? because he is NOT a fish to look at him

MONK #1: he is a lobster

MONK #2: i love his little cat's face

are they all like that, with the face of a cat?

MONK #1: mm i think pretty much all

MONK #2: well hes just terrific

MONK #1: yeah he's probably the most cat of all the fishes i think

The Passionary of Weissenau

MONK #1: sometimes women are absolutely huge right

MONK #2: hmm?

MONK #1: sometimes they are as big as a town

and they can just pull ships around on a string and thats how ships get around

MONK #2: i think that does happen

with Wends or something


yes that does happen if theyre Wends

or Sorbs

De mulieribus claris

MONK #2: or like we talked about earlier

a small bird is also good

Knight of the Swan

MONK #1: right right right

MONK #2: basically you can draw almost whatever you want

as long as you put a little bird pulling in front of it, people will understand

MONK #1: would you say people are the only things that make or ride boats?

MONK #2: things?

MONK #1: sorry i mean like

does anything living besides human beings make and ride in boats

MONK #2: oh i get you

well deer i think

and sometimes leopards make boats ive heard

MONK #1: okay

anything else?

MONK #2: oh well cows

MONK #1: oh thank goodness

MONK #2: yeah haha i dont know why i didnt say that right away

MONK #1: phew!

MONK #2: thats like the most obvious one

MONK #1: phew!!

De Rebus Bellicis

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