Types of Monk, In Order of How Often They Want You To Visit

Simeon the Stylite
Simeon the Stylite


whatever sounds good!


Sure why not come by! Nothing formal, you won't be interrupting, you can take your shoes off or leave them on at the door, whatever you're more comfortable with!


Oh! Are you sure? I'm. not sure if that would be amazing. Will you be bringing society with you?


You can come over but not if you want to hang out


Yes!! And please feel free to bring any of your worldly goods with you, if you want, that would not even be a problem for me


No offense but I have a lot to contemplate right now and I am not sure how your coming over is going to help with that!!


Do NOT come over!!! At MOST you can send something up in a bucket. like a single grape or a very important question you would like me to ask God. do NOT send up too many grapes in the bucket. ONE at a time only. and if you are influenced by my good example to climb up a pillar of your own do NOT build your pillar right next to mine. move your pillar where i can't see it


Come by any time!!


Please do not come over, it is so important for you not to be here actually, and tomorrow is a very busy day of not talking to you also


Maybe! Let's see how we feel later and check back in then?


Absolutely I would love that!!! Come over come over come over!!


No!!! Unless you have some Communion with you. do you have any Communion with you? then you can come by, but just leave it by the door and don't wait around

Immured anchorite

No!!! Do not come over, someone's in here!! Someone is already in here!

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]