A Day On Lindisfarne, June 7, 793

Lindisfarne Castle

6:30am: Wake up a bit late. No need to look at the horizon – there isn't time today! Besides, it's always the same peaceful intersection of sea and sky. You can always look at it later!

6:45am: Finish dismantling old Roman wall between barley fields and harbor. Maybe the Romans needed to keep people out, but you certainly don't!

7:00am: Group haircut

7:30am: Set out the nice big gold cross in front of the main chapel. Look how it catches the sun!!

7:45am: Examine conscience. Looking good!!

8:00am: Adorn shrine of St. Cuthbert. You really can't go overboard when it comes to shrine adornment. The more ornate, the better. He was a saint, after all, and people come from a long way away just to look at his shrine. It should be sumptuous!

8:30am: Giltwork, ornamentation, burnishing.

9:30am: Unlock doors, open windows.

10:15am: Display finery

11:00am: Stare vaguely into middle distance; reinforce collective sense of safety and stability

11:30am: Move cells into slightly more exposed position

12:15pm: Working lunch

1:00pm: Welcome strangers into midst without question

1:15pm: Sharpen quills

1:30pm: Beat those swords into ploughshares, baby! We're never going to need swords again!

2:00pm: Train local craftsmen in the gentle trades (copying, shoe repair, sock darning, watercolors)

2:30pm: Silver bracelet giveaway

3:00pm: Cultivate trust, openness, sense of peaceful continuity/stability

3:30pm: Hoard resources

4:00pm: Dust and re-center welcome mat

4:15pm: Feed otters at shoreline :)

5:00pm: Recycle 7th-century defenses for arts and crafts

5:30pm: Trade routes!!

5:45pm: Cultivate barefootedness and vulnerability

6:00pm: Secure attachment

6:30pm: Light dinner in sun-room

7:00pm: Quiet time; enjoy God's protection and favor

7:30pm: Early bedtime. Sun's still out, but there's nothing important left to scan or look at. Might as well turn in!

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]