Anglo-Saxon Epithets, Ranked

Effigy, Robert Curthose
Effigy, Robert Curthose

Eadwulf Evil-Child

"Perhaps equating to "bad boy" in modern English

Æthelstan Half-King

"Since he was a man of such authority"

Any of the Aethelings

"Original denoting noble birth, eventually coming to mean king's son"

Healfdene Hvitserk

"Half Danish, specifically the one with the white shirt"

Osbeorn Bulax

"Has a poleaxe"

Eadric Streona

"Meaning grabby...This fellow was the refuse of mankind, the reproach of the English; an abandoned glutton, a cunning miscreant; who had become opulent, not by nobility, by specious language and impudence."

Osla Bigknife

Probably carried a big knife

Rhydderch Hael

"Meaning generous"

Ælfric Modercope

"Meaning muddy-coat"

Eadwulf Cutel

"Meaning cuttlefish"

Robert Curthose

"Meaning Short-pants" (still counts as Anglo-Saxon because of Matilda of Flanders' descent from the house of Wessex. To me, I should say. I don't think anyone calling themselves Robert of Normandy would have called themselves Anglo-Saxon too, but what do I know.)

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]