Classic Dog Pairings

Classic Dog Pairings

By Liz Bastos.

Large dog and small dog

An even larger dog and an even smaller dog

Dog the size of the prince’s polo pony and a dog the size of the ball that his team hits with their mallets

A purebred dog with pure-white, tidy, short hair  wearing a collar that says Mimi who is lost and a shaggy, dishwater gray, mutt who's never worn a collar or known a home, but knows the streets

A clown and a Jack Russell terrier

Two dogs who are obviously friends

Two dogs who are start as enemies and become friends because there's only one bone

Enemy dogs

Lassie, a collie fetching help, and Timmy, a boy who needs help

A pair of greyhounds, sitting up stalk straight like arrows in quiver

A rescue greyhound and the family who feels so smug and morally superior to the families who buy ethically compromised designer dogs like labradoodles because of their kid Agnes' supposed allergies

The queen and her Papillion

Ladies-in-waiting and a charming Maltese with whom they are playing in a Renaissance painting

War and the dogs of war

A live dog and a dead lion

The king and his lower caste childhood friend whom he calls Dog

The king’s Dog (whose given name is Erik) and his childhood friend (a Connecticut Untouchable from the lowest caste of canvas boat totes) whom Erik, in imitation of his betters, calls Dog

A Rottweiler pulling a dog cart containing three cheerful children in mob caps and the Protestant Reformation

A mountaineering Swiss Anabaptist who, because of his religious beliefs, gets himself into trouble in Bern and a St. Bernard who saves him; together they climb further into the Alps

An old, yellow-white Englishman and an old, yellow-white English Labrador, both prone to gout

A wolf and someone very naive about these things who mistakes it for a dog

Inside every person there are two dogs: the two dogs and a refrigerator magnet which literally everyone had in the early 2000s that had written on it the quote about which one you feed

Liz Bastos is a laminated pastry lover and a Northern Virginia middle-aged mother on Twitter as @Liz__Bastos and on Medium @croissanthaver.