Garden Features, Ranked

Moon Gate at Hortus Haren

Moon Gate at Hortus Haren
  1. Moon gate
  2. Garden pond
  3. Avenue
  4. Herbaceous border
  5. Hedge
  6. Ha-ha*
  7. Garden railway
  8. Moon bridge
  9. Pergola
  10. Orangery
  11. Terrace
  12. Sylvan theater
  13. Fountain
  14. Trellis
  15. Zig-zag bridge
  16. Reflecting pool
  17. Stepping stones
  18. Belvedere
  19. Bosquet
  20. Aviary
  21. Water garden
  22. Cascade
  23. Nymphaeum
  24. Borrowed scenery
  25. Deck
  26. Green wall
  27. Greenhouse
  28. Monopteros
  29. Garden room
  30. Labyrinth
  31. Gazebo
  32. Lawn
  33. Folly
  34. Turf maze
  35. Parterre
  36. Gloriette
  37. Exedra
  38. Pavilion
  39. Hedge maze
  40. Jeux d'eau
  41. Mound
  42. Water feature
  43. Artificial waterfall
  44. Patio
  45. Topiary
  46. Shed
  47. Stumpery
  48. Shell grotto

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]

*"Due to the hidden nature of ha-has, they can pose potential injury to the public (especially considering their initial designs were to be invisible).

In 2008, during a nighttime guided walk to watch bats at Hopetoun House (Scotland), a participant of the walk attempting to make his way back to the carpark fell off a ha-ha wall, and suffered a severe fracture to the ankle. A successful personal injury claim of £35,000 was settled upon, as the judge presiding the case deemed the ha-ha to be a dangerous man-made feature, and thus it was up to the groundskeepers to highlight the invisible danger that it presented. The presiding QC judge, Alastair Campbell, deemed a ha-ha wall to be outside the scope of the law regarding obvious dangers, such as cliffs or canals, where an occupier is not required to take precautions against a person being injured. This was due to it being an unusual man-made feature that the public would be very much unaware of, especially across a wide lawn."