Gates, Ranked


Lychgate (fun amount of spooky, Anglo-Saxon)

Triumphal arch (who doesn't love triumph!)

Ishtar Gate (Iconic, from Nebuchadnezzar to D.W. Griffith, looks great)

Gates of Hell (a classic for a reason!)

Gates of Tashkent (who doesn't like Tashkent!)

Gate of Dawn (still got it)

Bridge tower gate (love it, worth paying a toll for)

Wicket gate (pretty, quaint)

Boom gate (trains are fun)

City gate (classic, medieval, probably got a lot of heraldic shields and scrollwork on it, etc)

Tapsel gate

Rambler gate (it's just a stile with a cuter name)


Clapgate (ingenious!)

Overthrow (Baroque!)

Bump gate (convenient, helpful)

Turnstile (mildly fun at best, ugly and expensive at worst)

Cave gate (you'd think it would be higher on the list but I don't like being kept out of caves. Let me in!)

Locks (I don't really understand how locks work aside from I know that they can change the height of the water in a canal. Not really any of my business)

Kissing gate (cute name, attractive when it's made of wood, hideous when it's steel)

Postern (agnostic)

Hampshire gate (ugly!)

Airport gates (boring, ugly, undifferentiated)

Electronic gates (provincial, tacky, exclusionary)

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