"I Am Called the Pony King of America. I Am Giving Away Ponies": Headlines from The January 1919 Issue of "Farm and Fireside" Magazine

Pony King advertisement, "Farm and Fireside" Magazine

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You heard the man:

Pony King advertisement, "Farm and Fireside" Magazine

I am called the Pony King of America because I give away Shetland Ponies to Boys and Girls. I have already given away more than 500 Ponies.

Now I am going to give away several more Ponies, and I want every family that reads this paper to have an equal chance.

If you are a Boy or Girl, send in your name. If you are the father or the mother of a boy or girl, send in your child's name.

No matter where you live –  no matter how young – every child stands the same good chance to get a Pony. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot get a Pony, because my plan of giving Ponies is easier and different.

Free Pony Pictures – Write your name and address in the corner below, or write it on a Postal Card, and send it to me, and I shall send you free a Colored Pony Picture Circular and tell you how to get one of the Ponies.

THE PONY KING, 591 Webb Building, St. Paul, MINN.

It's like birthstones: dropsy in April, ague in May, consumption in June, and so on.

Look Out for Pneumonia in March

We sure hope not:

Have You Been Swindled?

It will not surprise you to learn that "Farm and Fireside" Magazine has a pretty strong pro-farm stance:

Why I Came Back to the Farm

"Feeding wormy animals is wasting food. They eat more but they do not thrive. Drive out the worms with Dr.  Hess' Stock Tonic."

Are You Feeding Worms?

Testimonials include "Hog-Tone beats anything I ever fed to hogs" (C.T. Smith, Gibsonburg, Ohio), "TAKE A LOOK AT THESE HOG-TONE HOGS OF MINE, NOW!", "Well, sir, the way those runts 'picked up' would do your heart good," and of course, "Avalon Farms HOG-TONE is a highly concentrated liquid medicine for hogs only. Contains highly important medicinal liquid ingredients which cannot be combined in Medicated Salts, Stock Foods, or Condition Powders of any kind. Safe. Easily mixed with any slops, drinking water, or dampened feed."

Say, Mr. Gandy, I Am Mighty Glad I Took You Up On Your 60 Days' FREE Trial Offer

Yes, What About Them?

What about your Teeth?

Not just any dentifrice, but a safe dentifrice, is the way to go.

Of course we all remember that feeling so common to teenage boys, that the hide dealer doesn't pay us enough for the skins we trap. I've been there, too. But of course he wants to pay you as much as he can!

Tips on Trapping

You can't spend all your time on chores. You've got to spend at least a little time getting ready for the hide man. Now who wants a pony?