After A Stinging Defeat By the Himera River, I Really Like To Withdraw East to My Port Capital

The Battle of Himera
The Battle of Himera

After a stinging defeat by the Himera River in central Sicily, there's nothing I like more than retreating east to my port capital....There's something about unexpected Carthaginian reinforcements, especially after what looked like a really solid surprise camp raid on my end, that just puts me in the mood for retreating to my port capital (Syracuse) in the east. It's quiet, it's loyal...there's no senate to vote on my actions...there's a pretty open view of the sea at the bottom of that hill over there. It's nice.

My port capital in the east is where I always come to think, to get away from the reach of Hamilcar's triremes, and to reassess my flagging campaigns. Carthaginians don't usually come this far east on account of Greek hegemony. So I don't think anyone's going to disturb us.

I've actually never brought anyone here before, but I'm feeling really good about our connection. I feel like I can really talk to you. I don't know if this sounds crazy, but I really feel like I could bypass all this proxy fighting and lead a counterstrike straight into the heart of Tunis itself when I'm with you. Does that sound crazy? Sorry if that's too much. Like I said, I don't bring a lot of people around here.

It's kind of my "special spot," I guess. I just really feel like I can let my guard down here, because the harbor is naturally protected, and I really feel like myself around you, so if I come on too strong, just let me know. I just feel relaxed, is all, but also strangely powerful, like I could occupy the whole of northern Tunisia for two, even three years. Which would have the bonus knock-on effect of removing the rest of the Carthaginian forces from Sicily in order to address the threat on their doorstep – like I said, I come here to think, and sometimes it's hard to stop thinking once you start, hah hah.

I know I said I like to retreat here after unexpected setbacks, like resounding defeats on the banks of the Himera River, but it's not like I'm being constantly defeated – sometimes I just stop by. And not all my defeats are resounding, either. This one did happen to be particularly resounding, but sometimes they only sound once, if at all. And to be fair to our side, we did inflict a lot of casualties during our retreat. But yeah...when I do retreat after a stinging defeat, I like to retreat here, to my port capital in the East. It's just my go-to move in the event of a stinging defeat. Helps take the sting out of it a little, I guess. :) Sorry if that sounds stupid...we can get back to the others if you want. I hope you don't mind that I brought you here.  

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