Will Simpson photographs the 2024 Kentucky Derby.

In horse racing the superfecta is a bet where you guess the first four finishers of a race in order. The payout for the superfecta at the 150th Kentucky Derby, this year, was $8,254 for a $1 bet. The week of derby, my dad spent hours consulting a big binder of printouts about the horses running. We pooled money together for an intricate superfecta wager—which we lost. Instead of betting on any of the other races, I walked around Churchill Downs and maxed out two different cameras, film and SD cards completely spent.

—Will Simpson.

Will Simpson is an artist from Kentucky living in New York. Production Designer at the NYRB. Lives with wife, cats, and bearded dragon. Selling used art books at imagepoisoning. | ig: wormsimpson

Seeks to be sent on more photographic assignments, especially involving style/fashion or interiors.

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