My Critical Stances

My Critical Stances
Eward Austin Abbey, "Stony Ground" (1884). via Brooklyn Museum


Critical Stance: We don’t force readings of contemporary poets into their material contexts so why do we have to do it old ones? Beowulf is good enough to be read as if its author were born any time at all

Rational Truth: It isn’t dead people’s fault that they’re dead and it isn’t fair to treat them as if it’s some kind of intellectual disability

Truth: B in mock history AS-level exam


Stance: "Theater is the lowest of the arts"

Rational Truth: Like no other art form, when theater is bad it inflicts real-time social suffering with the knife of compulsory silence

Truth: Everybody said how good I was as Jean Valjean in assembly. I doubt that John Gielgud's hamster was this rebellious


Critical stance: I'm an editor now actually

Rational truth: It's so great to get a break from my own voice and help other people get better at expressing themselves

Truth: Undermine peer review by cheating for money