Friday link roundup and open thread

By God, we've got comments at last. Use them to talk to us and one another!

Are you at least 50 years old? Did you box professionally at least ten rounds a year, for four years, in California, with no more than a three year break? Then you may be entitled to compensation.

The Connies!

"New York's only sheep-shearing festival is back this weekend." If you want to shear any sheep next week you're going to have to wait another year or leave town.

Janus Films is back and better than ever, baby!

With a more robust first-run lineup than it has had since the 1960s and powerful partnerships with theatrical specialists Sideshow and the Criterion Channel streaming service, Janus is uniquely well positioned to bring the best films from around the world to theaters and homes across North America. The launch of Janus Contemporaries completes that picture.

"I was in the mood for a bagel." She was in the MOOD for a BAGEL.

They're unionizing at Powell's!

Before we all try to pool our money together to go in on Alan Alda's old house in New Jersey I need to figure out how long ago he lived there. Doesn't sound like he's lived there in a while, so our chances of meeting him are low.

The other week I went uptown with a buddy of mine to go see a museum exhibit about hell that was pretty terrific. On the way we passed what might have been the most strangely named boutique I've ever seen: Creel and Gow. I keep saying it to myself under my breath: "Creel and Gow." It's one of those insane rich-people stores where you can buy a piece of coral, the Liberty Bell, or a ten-thousand-dollar fish fossil. What's your Creel and Gow?

Do you listen to Desert Oracle Radio? Why don't you?

The waxing moon is moving through the constellation of Leo, Mars is fading, and Venus hangs heavy in the western sky. Venus seems enormous, especially late at night, low over our western mountains. Meanwhile on the desert floor, and splashed brightly up the desert hillsides, wondrous carpets of yellow and orange and violet wildflowers delight the eye & the soul.

look at them